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Cake PHP

Cake PHP – Why use it?
as Cake PHP is a rage among the PHP developers’ community today. Cake PHP is an express development framework for PHP that offers a huge, exhaustive architecture for developing, maintaining and installing applications. It has been fashioned after the concepts of Ruby on Rails and boasts of an MIT License. Using its popular functionalities and salient features like MVC, ORM, Front Controller, Active Record, and Association Data Mapping, we can create functionally strong applications that are highly secure as well as richly interactive. The best part is that Cake PHP involves very less coding and incurs less development costs.
Who says all good things come for a price?

Benefits of Cake PHP

  • Low development costs: Development expenditures are low, owing to its open source status.
  • Compatibility: It is fully compatible with both PHP 4 and PHP 5 versions of the PHP platform. It also blends well with the Ajax, HTML, and JavaScript forms.
  • Flexibility: It is highly flexible. Its outstanding features make it easy for the developers to create secure, richly interactive web-applications.
  • Ease of customization: Cake PHP is easily customizable. By making good use of its resources, the developers can easily customize the PHP application development process to suit their requirements.
  • Enhanced user experience: Cake PHP is a boon to the developers. Owing to its simple yet mind-blowing features, the developers can easily create visually stunning and interactive websites. As these websites can be easily operated, they enhance user experience.
  • Rich features: Cake PHP is equipped with high-end security features like data sanitization, inbuilt validation, and plug-in support.
  • Robust web-application structure: Cake PHP provides a sturdy and strong structure for web applications which ensure their logical functioning and consistency.

These are just a few of the several advantages of Cake PHP.

Smartime, equipped with teams of highly qualified and seasoned experts, offers exceptional Cake PHP development services to a broad sector of global clientele. Thanks to the testimonials and word of mouth of our satisfied clientele, we are gaining more and more corporate house projects for Cake PHP development. We can confidently assure you that our Cake PHP development services will create visually appealing and high-end solutions that will lend both panache and interactivity to your web-applications. Your website is sure to surge way-ahead of your competitors in achieving greater heights of success.

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