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Multiple Agents listing

Please review our some of the most significant features of Multiple Agents listing.

Admin Features (Back end)

Rental property
  • The admin panel is used to Control the front end of the site.
  • Admin will be provided with a Secure URL and username/ password to login to the administrative interface to perform administrative functions.
  • Password-protected administrative access.
  • Admin will have the option to ADD/MODIFIY/DELETE different sub-menus of sites through back end.
  • Functionality to manage content for all CMS based pages. 
  • Ability to edit all CMS pages through FCK editor by which admin can maintain all the content easily by formatting the text, Font, style, format & even images.
  • Set membership plans.
  • Able to keep track of all signed up members.
  • Activate or de-activate any of the members from the site if required.
  • Able to Add/Edit/Delete registered users.
  • Property management by admin
  • Able to add/modify/delete property details.
  • Able to manage categories for properties.
  • Manage featured listing.
  • Manage discount section.
  • Able to manage orders history.
  • Able to add META Title, keywordss and descriptions for custom META tags for each property detail page.
  • Ability to manage prices for each property which will display on front.
  • Manage mail templates for specified events like registration, forgot password etc.
  • Able to view payment history.
  • Able to manage News, FAQs, Banners, Testimonials, Newsletter section.
  • Manage reviews/ratings on the property.
  • Ability to collect statistical data

Site Features

  • Printable option for property detail page.
  • Search will be user friendly.
  • Advanced search option.
  • keywords search.
  • Easy to understand form errors.
  • Sold & available flags will be on property list.
  • Contact Us & feedback form will be provided to submit complaints/queries to admin.
  • Featured listing section will be on the site.
  • Site will give the option to subscribe newsletter with out sign up.
  • Complete site map will be provided.
  • Payment process will be user friendly.
  • SEO friendly URL will be on the site.
  • Flexible membership plans will be provide for users to post the listing.

Property Catalog Features

  • Unlimited number of property/categories
  • Unlimited category nesting
  • Bulk property management
  • Featured property list
  • Discount coupons
  • Membership based access to every category
  • Unlimited property options w/optional surcharges
  • Various display types for property options
  • HTML enriched property descriptions
  • Related property list
  • Unlimited property images
  • Property large image popup

Search Engine Optimization

  • Search Engine Friendly URLs.
  • Google Analytics Setup.
  • Goolge Site Map Submission.
  • Google webmaster tool Setup.
  • Custom meta keywordss and description for category, sub-category & product, and for content pages.
  • Generation of HTML catalog of static category, sub-category & product pages.
  • Site map generation.
  • Breadcrumb trail.
  • Virtual HTML pages through Htaccess.

User Features

  • Create his profile on the site.
  • Registered user can edit their account details at any time
  • Registered user can view their order history
  • Register on the site to buy/sell property.
  • Save his payment/Account details.
  • Search/Advance search.
  • Upgrade & renew membership plans.
  • Wish list feature  
  • Set availabilities.
  • Google map will be on the detail to make it more users friendly.
  • Send mail to friend
  • Create bookmark of the page.
  • Reviews/ratings on the property.

Marketing & Promotional Tools

  • Affiliate ecommerce program
  • E-mail/postal gift certificates
  • One-page checkout
  • Product reviews and ratings
  • Polls


  • Full HTTPS/SSL support
  • Secure HTTPS/SSL administrative access
  • Secure HTTPS/SSL checkout, login and customer profile pages
  • Customer passwords are MD5 encrypted in database
  • Password-protected administrative access
    Value Added Services
  • Two month support after completion of the website.
  • Delivery of all the raw files after completion.
  • Site is fully optimized based on search engines like google,msn,yahoo.
  • URL Submission after completion of project in 100 directories.
  • Google anlytics and sitemap setup for better SEO with link submission in Google.
  • Each website is designed as per the clients specifications, we strictly don’t use predesigned template.
  • CSS based templates if project required.
  • Extensive usage of AJAX technologies, minimizing screen refreshes
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