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as The Internet, today, has come up with a completely new financially viable network, the e-commerce bazaar, and it has become the virtual key road of the world. Providing a quick and convenient way of exchanging goods and services both regionally and globally, e-commerce has escalated ahead in gigantic proportions. Today, the e-commerce industry has grown into a huge empire with the US online retail alone making a huge figure of $175billions in revenues in 2007. With consumer-driven online transactions affecting industries from travel services to consumer electronics, from books and media distribution to sports & fitness. With more than 80% of world’s population using the Internet regularly, on a daily basis for private or business use and the rest of the world also beginning to catch on, the e-commerce has become hot property among the global business communities today. Looking at its worldwide popularity, it seems that e-commerce's global growth curve is not likely to taper off anytime soon. So, what is e-commerce?

The buying and selling of products or services over the electronic systems such as the internet and other networks is referred to as the Electronic Commerce or the more popular version, e-commerce. Basically, e-commerce is any trade or commerce done electronically. With extensive internet usage, the amount of business conducted electronically has grown tremendously over the years.

Smart e-solutions from Smartime
Looking for smart and commercially viable e-commerce solutions? Your search ends right here. We would love to help you sell online with our smart e-solutions that can be tailored to suit your specific requirements. We, at Smartime, have a team of skilled and seasoned professionals who are masters at designing first- class, search engine friendly, superior quality e-commerce websites that are not only superb to look at but easy to manage as well as highly affordable. After understanding your requirements, our designing whizzes strive to put in all the hard work that is required to assemble all the tools needed for a fantastic online-selling experience.

Our promise to you: To give you that fabulous online selling experience to kill for, in the form of a search-engine friendly smart e-commerce solution.

Choose Smartime for smart end-to-end e-commerce solutions:

  • Committed to excellence: Our experts are proficient at designing solutions that enhance the visual appeal and products’ value in the eyes of the prospective e-commerce website customers. Our designing experts are masters at producing stunning customer-centric e-commerce websites. We are totally committed to work with you on the designs and layouts until the end results fully meet with your satisfaction.
  • User-friendly: The success of any e-commerce website largely depends upon its ease of functionality and maintenance. Whether it is updating order status, managing orders, or simply adding new products to the website, our top priority is to develop user-friendly e-commerce websites that are easy to operate, even by a nonprofessional.
  • Search engine friendly solutions: We firmly believe in moving ahead with the times, which is why we use the very latest coding practices in designing e-commerce websites. These enable the search engines to crawl and index pages with ease. Such search engine friendly websites are instrumental in minimizing the cost of online marketing. This gives you a good return on your e-commerce marketing.
  • No hidden charges: Once we create the website for you, you own it completely. You need not pay any monthly charges or miscellaneous fees after the completion of your e-commerce website. We are, of course, committed to install some of the products for you and then we will provide you with the necessary directions to self-sufficiently manage your website’ product catalogue.
  • Unlimited 24X7 supports: At Smartime, we are completely customer-oriented. We are committed to give you the help that you richly deserve. Our team of cheerful e-commerce experts would be more than happy to provide you with their assistance at every hour of the clock.
  • Cost-Effective: The Smartime e-solutions are easy on the pocket too! Why spend more when you can get high-end, cost- effective e-commerce solutions at Smartime? We offer you high-end customer appealing solutions at very competitive charges. This gives you a better return on your e-commerce marketing investments.

Make an impressive presence among the online sellers…. Get the smart e-solutions from smartime.

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