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Please review our some of the most significant features of Penny-Auction.

Penny auction is a type of auction in which participants must pay a non-refundable fee to place a small incremental bid. When time expires, the last participant to have placed a bid wins the item and also pays the final bid price, which is usually significantly lower than the retail price of the item.

The auctioneer receives income both in the form of the fees collected for each bid and in the form of payment for the winning bid.

How it works
Participants pay a non-refundable fee to purchase bids. Bidding on an auction raises the cost of the item by a fixed amount and typically also extends the deadline of the auction. Each successive bid lowers the value of the reward, and the last player to decide to place a bid and lower the value of the reward wins that reward.

Once the auction is over, the auctioneer collects the final cost of the item in addition to the monies already collected by selling bids.

Admin Features (Back end)

  • The admin panel is to control the front end of the site. This panel will provide many functionalities and authorities to admin (the controller of the site).
  • Secure URL and username/password to login to the administrative interface to perform administrative functions.
  • ADD/MODIFIY/DELETE different sections of sites through back end.
  • Manage content for all CMS based pages. 
  • Edit all CMS pages through FCK editor by which admin can maintain all the content easily by formatting the text, Font, style, format & even images.
  • Able to keep track of all signed up members.
  • Activate or de-activate any of the members from the site if required.
  • Able to Add/Edit/Delete registered users.
  • Through admin section Site Administrator can update different categories & subcategories of Reverse Auction.
  • Manage Reverse Auction details from back end under different categories. (if project required)
  • Ability to set number in stock for product inventory control(if project required)
  • Able to manage image gallery for each Auction from back end.
  • Activate & de-activate any Reverse Auction which will be reflected on the front end.
  • After admin approval Auction will be displayed on the front end.
  • Manage featured listing.
  • View the open bids/ closed bids details from back end.
  • Ability to close Reverse Auction any time from back end.
  • Ability to a lot the Auction time from admin panel.
  • Able to manage discount section. (depends on project)
  • View order and set order Status when shipped.
  • Add META Title, keywordss and descriptions for custom META tags for each product detail page.
  • Ability to set prices/size/dimensions and relative product details which will display on front.
  • Password-protected administrative access.
  • Manage mail messages format which will send to users on specified events like registration, forgot password etc.
  • Admin will able to manage News, FAQs, Banners, Testimonials, Newsletter section
  • Also the Admin can set the Rules or limits for the site.

On Event Mail Messaging/Manage Mails

  • On every event, system will post an auto generated mail to user like on registration, forgot password, thanks message, on subscription etc.
  • This section will provide admin to manage all the text format or templates of all the mails which System will send to users after registration.
  • These mails provide alert to all users about their approval of registration.
  • As user make registration on site, a mail will send to user automatically as acknowledgement.
  • On winning any auction user will get order receipt through mail. And format of this order receipt will be easily manageable by admin through this section.
  • System will able to send order tracking number to users.
A Password recovery mail will be generated to user who has sent request for password recovery.

Sellers Features

  • Easy to use Registration Form
  • After login every seller will get a section called “My Account” to manage their profile and change his password etc.
  • List new or used Auction Products.
  • List ads describing your Auction with additional 5 photos.
  • Secure content management area to manage and renew Auction listings
  • Messaging system to read messages from prospective buyers and contact them
  • Quick stats or reports to see the number of times listings have been viewed.
  • Seller will sign-up and submit their Auction details.
  • Seller will able to activate & deactivate the Auction form his account.
  • User will able to upload images, & videos related to his Auction.
  • User can view the Sold Auction History on the front end

Buyer Features

  • Buyer will able to create his profile on the site.
  • Register on the site to buy the Auction.
  • After login every buyer will get a section called “My Account” to manage their profile and change his password etc.
  • Able to search Auction with out any login.
  • Save favorite Auction in his Watch list managed in his Account.
  • Buyer can purchase bids from “Buy Bids” section from front end.(Depends on project)
  • If user is not the winner when the auction ends, he/she may use the Buy it now features to purchase the product for the value price.(Depends on project)
  • Able to send the Auction details to his friend.
  • User can Bid either from the Auction listing page or from the Detail page
  • Will have the option to fill up the contact us & feedback form to submit complaints/queries to admin.
  • Site will give the option to subscribe newsletter with out sign up.


  • Full HTTPS/SSL support
  • Secure HTTPS/SSL administrative
  • Secure HTTPS/SSL checkout,
    login and customer profile pages
  • Customer passwords are MD5
    encrypted in database
  • Password-protected administrative

Search Engine Optimization

  • Search Engine Friendly URLs.
  • Google Analytics Setup.
  • Goolge Site Map Submission.
  • Google webmaster tool Setup.
  • Custom meta keywordss and description for category, sub-category & product, and for content pages.
  • Generation of HTML catalog of static category, sub-category & product pages.
  • Site map generation.
  • Breadcrumb trail.
  • Virtual HTML pages through Htaccess.

Marketing & Promotional Tools

  • Affiliate ecommerce program
  • E-mail/postal gift certificates
  • One-page checkout
  • Product reviews and ratings
  • Polls
    Value Added Services
  • Two month support after completion of the website.
  • Delivery of all the raw files after completion.
  • Site is fully optimized based on search engines like google,msn,yahoo.
  • URL Submission after completion of project in 100 directories.
  • Google anlytics and sitemap setup for better SEO with link submission in Google.
  • Each website is designed as per the clients specifications, we strictly don’t use predesigned template.
  • CSS based templates if project required.
  • Extensive usage of AJAX technologies, minimizing screen refreshes
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