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WordPress CMS


WordPress powered by PHP and MySQL was initially developed with the intention of building a stylish and well designed personal publishing system.  WordPress is an Open Source CMS publishing software which concentrates on both speed and user friendliness. It is licensed under the General Public License (GPL)

This is a highly lucrative feature of WordPress as it means that you are at liberty to make full use of its resources absolutely free for creating anything from your personal homepage to a full-fledged website for a Fortune 500 Company.

To be brief, WordPress is an Open Source CMS Software which is popular worldwide for it’s amazingly user friendly yet powerful features not only for creating and maintaining blogs, but designing full-fledged websites as well. WordPress is the recipient of many prestigious awards courtesy to its highly impressive performance and popularity:

  1. Packt Best Open Source CMS Award- 2007
  2. Packt Best Open Source CMS Award-2009
  3. In addition to winning the Best Open Source CMS Award, WordPress was declared first runner-up in the Best Open Source PHP CMS category.
  4. Apart from this impressive list, WordPress went one step ahead and won the prestigious Hall Of Fame Open Source CMS Award.


  • Extremely easy to use: It can be easily used by a non-technical person. If you are handy with MS-Word, you can use WordPress with ease to manage, update and edit the contents of your website. It’s as simple as that!!
  • Free and Inexpensive: WordPress is an Open source CMS, licensed under the GPL. This means that it is either completely free of cost or would cost you an unbelievably nominal amount.
  • Offers Multiple User Authenticity: Being an Open Source CMS, several hundreds of people work on WordPress simultaneously as they each possess individual login IDs. This means that problematic issues are detected and resolved in a jiffy. Now, if that isn’t convenient, then what is?
  • Ease of Installation: Like Joomla, WordPress can be installed on the server with utmost ease as it has minimum installation requirements. It also occupies very little storage area.
  • Limitless Functionality: Several hundreds of plugins are accessible to extend WordPress functions and so its functionality is almost unlimited.
  • Easily accessible: WordPress can easily be accessed online, either from the comforts of your home or even faraway places.
  • Boosts and optimizes the search engine results: The dynamic features of Wordpress help considerably in boosting and maximizing the search results. After using WordPress you can rest assured that your website will climb the page ranking ladder and is more than likely to land in the opening page of Google.

Smartime Ltd.  is committed to provide you with excellence. We understand that your time is precious and so we will be more than happy to exploit the full resources of WordPress for literally transforming your website into a visual treat. Alternatively we respect your hard earned money and we’re willing to lend you a hand in building your website yourself. Either way, Smartime’s assistance makes your website visually stunning and eye-appealing. We groom the look and feel of your website to fit in with your firm’s brand like a hand in glove.

What are you waiting for? We’re just a click ( or a phone call (469.522.3375) away…………..

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