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Please review our some of the most significant features of Dating Websites.

Admin Features (Back end)

  • The admin panel is to control the front end of the site. This panel will provide many functionalities and authorities to admin (the controller of the site).
  • Secure URL and username/password to login to the administrative interface to perform administrative functions.
  • Password-protected administrative access.
  • ADD/MODIFIY/DELETE different sections of sites through back end.
  • Admin will have the functionality to manage content for all CMS based pages. 
  • Edit all CMS pages through FCK editor by which admin can maintain all the content easily by formatting the text, Font, style, format & even images.( if project requires)
  •  Able to keep track of all signed up members.
  •  Will able to activate or de-activate any of the members from the site if required.
  • Able to Add/Edit/Delete registered users.
  • Through admin section Site Administrator can update different categories
  • Able to manage Match profile history which will be shown on front end.
  • Able to add META Title, keywordss and descriptions for custom META tags for each page.
  • Manage mail messages format which will send to users on specified events like registration, forgot password etc.
  • Admin will able to manage News, FAQs, Banners, Testimonials, Newsletter section

Site Features

  • User will able to create his profile on the site.      
  •  Simple and fast member registration
  • Censor bad words and email addresses from profiles
  •  A Personal Inbox feature that allows users to post personal ads without having to reveal their e-mail addresses. Users respond to these ads through a form.
  • Users can modify or delete their own ads at any time. When modifying an ad, the current ad's information is automatically inserted in the modification form
  • Can send an ad to a friend.
  • Users who have forgotten their user name can search for it using their e-mail address
  • "Forgot Your Username" routine e-mails usernames for a particular e-mail address to that address.
  • Upload photos
  • Upload video clip
  • Member blogs
  • SMS messaging to cell phones
  • Photo slideshow or gallery view
  • "Tell Your Friends" option that allows users to e-mail their friends about your personals section right from an online form. It's a great way to help build traffic to your site
  • Multiple essay questions
  • Instant messaging between members
  • Address book to keep track of people members have mailed
  • Powerful internal mail system where members can compose and reply to mail
  •  Favorites list
  •  Block/ignore member support
  • Match finder which will send members matches of recent profiles that signed up
  • Live chat rooms with buddy lists (optional plug-in)
  • Live video (optional plug-in)
  • Counters within the ads for how many times the ad has been viewed and how many times the ad has been replied to

Private Messaging

    Ability for administrator to turn on or off the "personal inbox" feature throughout the personals. The Personal Inbox feature functions as a full-strength, private, and secure messaging center. When someone replies to an ad, the poster is notified that they have a reply and is given a URL where they can retrieve it. The e-mail address of the person who replied is not revealed. When the original poster retrieves the reply, he or she has the option of sending a reply back, again without revealing his or her e-mail address. That way, the parties can send messages back and forth through this system without revealing their e-mail addresses or other personal information until they feel comfortable in doing

Search Features

  • Search
  • Quick Search
  • Member Search
  • Easy Search
  • Advanced Search
  • Users can decide how search results should be sorted through a menu choice on the search form (administrator can also set default)
  • Who's online page sorted by age, location, gender
  • Browse other members by age, country, state, and city
  • Match finder automatically emails matches
  • Zip code search (optional  plug-in)


  • Full HTTPS/SSL support
  • Secure HTTPS/SSL administrative
  • Secure HTTPS/SSL checkout,
    login and customer profile pages
  • Customer passwords are MD5
    encrypted in database
  • Password-protected administrative

Search Engine Optimization

  • Search Engine Friendly URLs.
  • Google Analytics Setup.
  • Goolge Site Map Submission.
  • Google webmaster tool Setup.
  • Custom meta keywordss and description for category, sub-category & product, and for content pages.
  • Generation of HTML catalog of static category, sub-category & product pages.
  • Site map generation.
  • Breadcrumb trail.
  • Virtual HTML pages through Htaccess.

Site Features

  • Printable option will be provided
  • Search will be user friendly.
  • Advanced search option will be provided.
  • keywords search will also there.
  • Easy to understand form errors.
  •  “Contact us “& “feedback” form will be provided to submit complaints/queries to admin.
  • Featured listing section will be on the site.
  • Site will give the option to subscribe newsletter with out sign up.
  • Complete site map will be provided.
  • Payment process will be user friendly.
  • SEO friendly URL will be on the site.
  • Flexible membership plans will be provide for users.

Marketing & Promotional Tools

  • Affiliate ecommerce program
  • E-mail/postal gift certificates
  • One-page checkout
  • Product reviews and ratings
  • Polls
    Value Added Services
  • Two month support after completion of the website.
  • Delivery of all the raw files after completion.
  • Site is fully optimized based on search engines like google,msn,yahoo.
  • URL Submission after completion of project in 100 directories.
  • Google anlytics and sitemap setup for better SEO with link submission in Google.
  • Each website is designed as per the clients specifications, we strictly don’t use predesigned template.
  • CSS based templates if project required.
  • Extensive usage of AJAX technologies, minimizing screen refreshes
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