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PHP Web Applications


The beauty of PHP lies in its simplicity. It is easy to understand and learn, especially for those with backgrounds in programming such as C, JavaScript, and HTML. If you’ve ever visited any website that asks you to login, then chances are that you’ve come across a server sided scripting language. Owing to its popularity in the market, most probably you’ve come across PHP. In short, with the aid of PHP, static web pages can be transformed into dynamic web pages. PHP is short for ‘Hypertext Preprocessor.’

Our technical teams at Smartime are experts at making the best use of the brilliant resources of the latest version of PHP 5.4.0. Utilizing PHP, they make changes in the webpage even before the HTML page is created. This enables them to design stunning and powerful applications which are fully compliant with publishing a blog run a powerful website or control hardware remotely.

We have a rich experience in the development of PHP web applications. So much so, that our work speaks for itself. Today, courtesy to the word-of-mouth of our happy clientele, we have a considerable number of PHP web applications development projects from clients spread across the globe.

We offer specialized services for developing web applications with the powerful resources of PHP. Our teams of highly skilled professionals are always happy to learn about your business requirements and then deliver impressive and visually stunning solutions. We are sure of one thing- once you hire the services of designers/developers, you’ll end up in expanding your business!  

Some of the many advantages of PHP web application development are:

  • High Security Record: The web applications developed in PHP have a high security record.

  • Constant Up gradation: Being open-source products, the PHP web applications are constantly   upgraded by the online community development.

  • Lightweight Applications: PHP web applications run extremely fast on the internet and one can incorporate ultramodern features such as AJAX, Callback etc. in their applications with utmost ease. PHP web applications are therefore popular as lightweight applications.

  • Supports Cross-Platforms: The PHP technology is compatible with several operating systems such as Windows, Linux, UNIX, Solaris Mac OS etc. It runs on Apache web server and provides flexible application hosting.

  • Strong Debugging Engine: Errors of the program can be easily detected through PHP’s strong debugging engine which allows you to resolve the errors quickly.

  • Economical: As PHP is an open-source product, you don’t need to bother about the licensing fees.

  • Multi-Functionality: With PHP web applications, it is easy to carry out tedious tasks like creating PDF files, copying content from other web applications etc., within a short period.

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PHP Website Maintenance

T echnology changes rapidly and the online visitors are always more interested in visiting websites that have dynamic content and images. Lately, if you have been concerned about the reducing number of online visitors on your web store or website, then very probably you need to bring about changes to the looks and feel of your website. This means that you need to induce fresh content and graphics to your website sporadically to retain the interest and loyalty of online visitors.
Basically, website maintenance is all about creating and inducing interesting text and graphics which are captivating for all to see. Today, maximum websites are built using the powerful PHP technology.

Our website maintenance program caters to the needs of all business owners – small, medium, or large. As we have a considerable experience in all aspects of web designing and website maintenance, especially PHP built websites,  our designers and developers have become experts in doing it all – whether it is detecting and fixing bugs, fixing broken links or coming up with innovative out-of-the-box ideas for stunning graphics and interesting content.

The end result is: WE GET A HAPPY CLIENT IN YOU!
The Smartime Website Maintenance Program comes with many advantages:

  • Increases the traffic and loyalty of online visitors.
  • Keeps your website well oiled and functional.
  • Removes errors, bugs, and broken links.
  • Stunning graphics and Informative text and content.
  • Boosts sales.

Be Smart… Avail the services of Smartime Website Maintenance Program.

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